KDS Hall of Fame


The Kansas Dirt Slinger Hall of Fame is intended to perpetuate the positive influences and memories of exemplary individuals worthy of this honor.


Kansas Dirt Slingers HALL OF FAME Nomination Criteria

1. Must be a Kansas Dirt Slinger member for a minimum of three continuous years.
2. Shows outstanding sportsmanship on and off the track.
3. Shows a passion for the Kansas Dirt Slingers RC Club.
4. Participates in a majority of Kansas Dirt Slinger events.
5. Represents the spirit of the Kansas Dirt Slingers in the RC community.
6. Represents a positive and FUN attitude to fellow racers.
7. Anyone meeting these qualifications shall be eligible for the Hall of Fame.
8. A vote by Kansas Dirt Slinger members will determine the winner.
9. The award presentation will occur at the Kansas Dirt Oval Championship.

Long Live The Kansas Dirt Slingers RC Club

"KDS 2007 Hall of Famer"
Denny Crooks – 2007

"KDS 2008 Hall of Fame"
Donna McDowell – 2008

"KDS 2009 Hall of Fame"
Jim Harden and Dan Christiansen – 2009

"KDS 2010 Hall of Fame"
Clint Seitz – 2010

Tim McDowell – 2011

C A Parmalee (2012) – Tim McDowell(owner) – Chris Flower (2012)

Patrick Moline HOF 2013
Patrick Moline – 2013

Elmo Shirk – 2014


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  3 Responses to “KDS Hall of Fame”

  1. how will it be this year.There will be a lot of good picks an it’s going to be hard to choose.GOOD LUCK GUYS

    • My 2¢: This track has been going for 9 years I do beleave, in all of that time I know different people have helped from time to time but theres only one person that has worked the track, made the phone calls, took the money, ran the races, keep the peace, and told everyone to have FUN for all 9 years and that is Tim McDowell!!! I thank Tim should have been voted in at less two years ago. But thats me. If you don’t see Tim’s name on the ballet list this year then just right it in. Again My 2¢.