2015 – Felix Pacheco


Felix’s racing improved greatly this season and more importantly he brings his let’s have fun attitude to the track every race along with a good story or two.
Jim Rupard Rising Star
How many years have you been racing RC?
Started in 1988 at Shawnee Raceway. Took a break to raise my kids and started at Checkered Flag in 2008 and brought my son with me and him started.

What was your first RC car?
RC10 Gold Pan with a Stealth tranny

What is your favorite class?
Street Stock.

What advice would you give to a new racer?
Don’t give up and keep trying. A little luck helps to.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of RC?
Ride my Harley.

What does this award mean to you?
Receiving this award was not only unexpected but also a great honor.

When I heard my name being called, several thoughts and good memories came to mind. When I first met Jim, Martin and I were checking out the track in Pleasant Hill. Jim started talking to us about the RC hobby. He also told us about Tim and Donna’s track. So we checked it out and have been hooked ever since.

Our first season at CFR, Jim came to our pit and offered much needed and appreciated help. On one of the race days, Jim showed up with his trailer and then it hit me, that’s the guy from the other track. So I asked if he remembered talking to us. He smiled and laughed and said yes.

As I was walking up to receive this award another fun memory came to mind of when we all went to Jefferson City for a big race. Jim drove and we joked of him being my personal chauffer. As we loaded my gear my neighbors came out to watch as Jim loaded it all into his car. For that moment I was the big dog on the block. On the ride home, a car passed us and Jim screamed. I looked at the passing car only to see a great white moon. Jim just laughed and laughed. I will never forget his laugh.

Jim was one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed coming back to this hobby. He was generous with his time and vast knowledge of it.

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