2012 – Billy Lutz

Billy Lutz and Rupard Family

Billy Lutz and the Rupard Family

This year after long deliberations, the award was given to a young racer that rightfully earned it. This racer was a young man named Billy Lutz. Patrick Moline recently got the chance to ask Billy a few questions. Here are his responses.

How many years have you been racing?
Forever – but Mom says only about a year

Who is your R/C role model?
Uncle Chris, Daddy, Tim, and Patrick


Front row – Tim, Billy, Uncle Chris
Back row – Patrick, Daddy

Favorite thing to do outside of R/C?

Favorite type of R/C car?
Anything orange

What is one thing you would tell someone looking to get into R/C?
Come play!

When asked Where?
My track or Tim’s track ( Checkered Flag )

Billy is always smiling on and off the track. He is always out marshaling practice any chance he gets. His on track performances are gaining weekly. This is what Jim Rupard liked to see of all his friends and competitors, young and older. He was a firm believer in helping everyone and having fun every race.

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