Standing Rules


1: These rules will govern all club events.

2: KDS members, participants, manufacturers and race promoters agree to comply with these rules and regulations.

3: The KDS officers may act at any time before, during or after the event to change anything believed to be in the best interest of the club and hobby.

4: No implied or expressed warranty or safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as guidelines for the conduct of the hobby and are in no way a guarantee against injury of any sort to participants, spectators or others.

5: KDS, it’s officers, directors or staff assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise for the failure or malfunction of any product or equipment used at all KDS events.

6: Sign-up will close ½ hour prior to racing.

7: In the event of inclement weather after the race day has begun, race points will be awarded on qualifying.

8: Never turn your radio on within a ¼ mile of the track without the frequency clip. The clip must be visible while you have it. Your radio antenna is a good place to display it. Using the proper frequency clip assures that you are the only person operating on that frequency. Cars and Trucks should only run 1 battery and then return the clip to the frequency board. You should only have the clip on the driver’s stand.

9: Never drive your car in the parking/ pit area. If you want to tune or practice your vehicle do it on the track.

10: If there is a frequency conflict after the mains are setup the lower qualified racer will have to change there frequency.

11: All vehicles must cross the finish line under there own power.

12: Each driver may only enter 1 vehicle per class.

13: Only 1 registered driver per vehicle can compete. Allowing someone else to qualify or run the main for you is absolutely unfair to other racers and is not legal. We know this is just club racing, but this rule should not be broken. Your results will not count for that qualifier or main if there is a problem.

14: Using multiple vehicles on a given race day is legal and acceptable. The vehicle that is used to start any race must be used to finish the race. Switching vehicles during a race because yours broke is not legal. You can not use more than 1 vehicle in a race.

15: Single person memberships are $20.00 per year.

16: Family memberships are available at the following rate. 1st membership $20.00 and each dependent thereafter $10.00.

17: Race fees will be charged per class. Member race fees will be $5.00 per entry and Non members $10.00 First entry and $5.00 each additional at all clubs races.

18: KDS officers will determine Special event race fees.

19: All racers will dress appropriately.


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