Race Specifications


1: All vehicles must have a body when on the track for racing or practice.

2: Races will be ran as follows:

*Qualifying Rounds will be set up by the computer.
*Mains – The computer will take your best qualifying time and position you in the appropriate main.
*1st Qualifying Round – IFMAR rolling starts
*2nd Qualifying Round – IFMAR rolling starts
*Mains – Mass single file rolling starts. Your starting position will be determined by your best qualifying time. There will be 2 bump ups from all lower mains.

3: All races will be 4 minutes.

4: It is each racers responsibility to be ready and at the track when its your turn to race. We shouldn’t have to wait for anyone because they are not ready. Your fellow racers should not have to wait.

As in any form of competition there must be rules. Rules are useless unless they are enforced. This rule book is not intended to intimidate anyone. These rules are guidelines to keep our racing fun, fair and family oriented. Read this rule book on a regular basis and it will make you a better racer and club member.

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