Corner Marshaling, Black Flags, Penalties and Protest



1: Racers are required to corner marshal after every race they are scheduled to be in. If you fail to marshal on time we will remove 1 lap from your best qualifying time. If you fail to marshal a main you will have 1 lap removed from the main you just ran in.

2: If for some reason you are unable to marshal, it will be your responsibility to get a replacement. If you are registered in more than 1 class or have to run back to back it is still the responsibility of the racer to get a replacement marshal. Replacement marshals must be another club member or registered racer.

3: When marshaling a vehicle that has crashed, place it on the track where it left the racing surface, pointing in the right direction. Marshal’s need to remember their job is to marshal and not work on broken cars.

4: A corner marshal is not required to assist a vehicle until the driver stops revving the motor.

5: If you are a pit person, you must go around the outside of the track to get the car from the marshal. DO NOT RUN ACROSS THE TRACK.

6: No open toed shoes may be worn by turn marshals.

7: Watch your corner not the race.


1: A black flag may be used at any time for a racers unsportsmanlike conduct and or abusive language to others.

2: A black flag means that the racer being black-flagged is finished. He or she will not be allowed to race for the remainder of the day or event and will not be entitled to a refund of race fees. To this date we have never had to enforce a black flag against any racer and hope it continues that way.

3: If you experience a problem report it to a club official immediately and they will determine what actions will be taken.


1: The KDS officers are in charge of all races and events.

2: The KDS officers will enforce all black flags.

3: Vulgar or abusive language will not be tolerated. The first offense will result in a verbal warning from the club officers.

4: The second offense will result in a black flag.

5: If the problem persist from the same person after receiving a black flag, that person will be suspended from racing for the next 2 scheduled race events.

6: If the problem reoccurs from the same person after suspension, that person will be terminated from the club with no refund of race entry fee or membership dues and will not be allowed to race with or visit KDS events for the remainder of the year.

7: Any confrontation that results in physical contact will be enforced with termination of club membership and no refund of race fee’s or membership dues. All racing privileges at any KDS event will also be forfeited for the remainder of the year.

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