Jun 272017

What a Fun day at the track. We had 65 cars take to a tricky track that saw all different race conditions that made you get up on the wheel today. It was a day full of great weather until we got to the mains and the clouds started rolling in, but we got it in before the rain hit. A big thank you to everyone for keeping things moving along and helping get everything picked up. Congratulations to all of today’s winners.

A big thank you to Maclan for the gift certificates given away today. The winners of the Signs by Taco Wraps were Cody Pierce and Brandon Warbritton. Robert Sode was the winner of the Checkered Flag Shirt from Nikki Lutz. Remember Nikki can put anything on a shirt for you. Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us out. It is greatly appreciated.

As was discussed in the drivers meeting I made a mistake on the schedule and had us racing next weekend 7/2/17. We are rescheduling that race for 8/13/17. It was an oversight on my part and I hope you understand. So enjoy the holiday next weekend and we hope to see you on 7/16/17 when racing returns to Checkered Flag.
Tim, Donna and the Crew

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Jun 122017

Well on a day that saw mother nature throw high temps and high winds at us all day, race number 3 is in the books. We had 60 cars hit the track today and we had some good racing. Congratulations to all the winners. We would like to thank everyone for helping out today, from the track work, calling the races and most of all making it a FUN day of racing. We will now take a break and catch our breath after 3 weeks of racing.

The next action for the track is open practice on 6/22/17 and racing returns on 6/25/17. Once again thanks for a great day and we look forward to seeing everyone at the track.

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Jun 052017

What a day. We were happy to host race 3 of the King Of Kansas City Series. We had a total of 97 cars that hit the track. There was some good racing and some bad but we hope everyone had a good time. The track was a little rough to begin the day but we kept working on it and it came around nicely. We would like to thank Gary, Rob and Mike for putting on the series and asking us to be part of it. I know there was some confusion with the mains but they worked at it and got it straightened out. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all that came out.
We will continue our club racing this Sunday 6/11/17. Until then everyone have a safe week and we hope to see you at the track.

Tim, Donna and the crew

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May 292017

Wow, what a Fun day today. We had 79 cars take to the track today. Thanks to all of you that made it out. Mother nature finally gave us a perfect day. Congratulations to all of today’s winners. Mike McNeal was the winner of the Signs by Taco wrap and Robert Sode won the body donated by Elmo Shirk. Like always we would like to thank all of our sponsors.

Next Saturday we will host the King Of Kansas City Dirt Oval Series and we hope you all will join us for that race. The track will open at 8am, sign-in closes at 9:30am and racing at 10am. Until then thanks for a great day and we hope to see you at the track.

Donna, Tim and the crew

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May 102017

Wow, what a day to start the 2017 season. We had 79 entries and 35 racers join the club and that’s fantastic. We want to thank you all and congratulations to all the winners. It was great seeing out extended family again and meeting some new ones.

For the first race of the season I would say we had some pretty good racing. I want to say we’re sorry for the delay with the printer issues but it seems we got that fixed thanks to Darren and Cody Pierce. Congratulations to Jason McClarninon on winning The Signs by Taco wrap. Taco has agreed to give away a wrap at each race and we thank him for that. We will have additional prizes to give away during the season from our other sponsors and we thank them also.

We will be taking this Sunday off so our racers can spend time with their mothers on Mothers day. Our next action at the track is May 18th for open practice from 5pm – 8pm. As always there is no charge on practice nights. Racing will resume on May 21st with the track opening at 8am, sign-in closes at 9:30am and Racing at 10am. Once again thanks for your support.

Tim, Donna and the Crew

Racing results and winner pics can be found here.

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Oct 032016

On October 2nd we closed out our 13th season here at Checkered Flag with our Season Championship/Halloween Havoc combo race. The day was full of great racing and Fun and laughter.

Thank you to all that helped out all season long. John and Elmo with track prep, Pat, Clint, Chris, Scott and Nikki helping run the races, car inspections and taking pictures, Donna, Pat and Fred for keeping us all fed on race days and my sister for maintaining the website. To all the other club members we definitely showed that we are not only a club but a team that will do what we have to do to make the track the best we can and put on great race program.

The day started with the running of our season championship that saw great racing all day long. We then moved on to the ever popular Havoc 100 where we saw some first time and veteran racers wondering what we had in store for the race this year. All we can say is wow. We hope you all had fun. Congratulations to all the days winners.

We also crowned our Season Champions for 2016 with many of the points races coming down to the final A Mains and we congratulate all of them. Congratulations to Cody Pierce, this years Jim Rupard Rising Star Award winner. Cody’s racing improved greatly this season and more importantly he continues to learn and have fun doing it.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and hope you support them whenever possible. Without them we wouldn’t have the prizes to share with you racers.

As we wrap this up we want to thank all of you that have supported the track and club over the years. We’re not going to name anyone because we know we’ll forget someone. So if you have helped out in any way or raced here we thank you.

This all started as a dream 13 years ago and we never thought it would grow like it has. Thank you all once again. It brings us great joy to see everyone having Fun. We encourage everyone to support all of the tracks in the area so we can keep our hobby strong. Just remember to have FUN. If everyone gets 1 new racer into our hobby, it will go on forever.

Once again we thank you for your support and we hope to see you next year for our 2017 season.
Tim and Donna

Results from Oct. 2nd and the Havoc 100 can be viewed here.

Final Drivers Points and 2016 Season Champion pics can be viewed here.

Jim Rupard Rising Star Award can be viewed here.

Racing pics can be viewed here.

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Sep 252016

halloween-1Thanks to Mother Nature on Sept. 25th we had to revise the schedule for the Season Championship and the Halloween Havoc. Our main goal is to run our season championship. The day will consist of 1 qualifier and the mains. Normal race fee’s will be in place for the race.

We will then have the Havoc 100 lap team race after the mains.

The awarding of the season awards, Havoc 100 awards, door prizes and our annual club meeting will commence immediately after the Havoc 100 lap team race.

Donna will still have the kids trick or treat parade through the pits so please plan on having the kids in there costumes. The Trick or Treat parade will take place at 9:30am. Don’t forget to bring your Halloween Spirit and Treats for the kids.

The cafe will operate as any other race day. Hope to see you at the track.

Track opens at 8am, sign-in closes at 9:30am and racing at 10am.


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Sep 122016

img_2355What a day. We would like to thank everyone that came and helped us pay tribute to our Veterans today. Just like our service men and women do, we showed just how much of a team the Kansas Dirt Slingers are.

After a long day of work on Saturday to get the track back in shape after the storms on Friday, we ended up with a great track all day long. Thank you to Elmo Shirk and Scott and Nikki Lutz for their help.

With the VFW presenting the colors to start the day and Old Glory Flying High there was nothing that was going to stop this great day. We had friends from the South and North join us today and we hope they had a great time and will come back and join us again. To all the Armed Forces past and present and First Responders we thank you and your families for the sacrifices you have made to keep us safe. To Midwest Sports Productions thank you for the awesome trophies. We want to congratulate all the winners and Pat Hammond who won the most patriotic award. To our sponsors that supplied door prizes, thank you.

We did a great thing today and we hope you all realize that. With additional donations from Betty McDowell, Checkered Flag Cafe and Phil Beardshear from AFX Fab we raised $1650.00. That is great folks. Like I said at the end of the day, don’t ever forget what happened on this day 15 years ago “Be PROUD to be an AMERICAN”. We live in the greatest country on earth and God Bless the USA.

Racing results can be viewed here.

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Sep 042016

ROF2016The first Racing for Heroes was held in 2012 as a fundraiser for the local Basehor VFW where Tim’s father, Ret. SGM Marvin McDowell(deceased) was a member. Being an Army brat, Tim knew the importance of the local VFW to his father and wanted to do something for the struggling club. Pictured to the left his Tim’s nephew, Jeremy McDowell (co-owner Midwest Sports Productions), Tim’s father and Fred Aaron (Tim’s father-in-law) at the very first Racing for Heroes race.

Our first Heroes race was blessed with the local VFW participating with the presentation of colors and sticking around all day visiting with the many racers and passing out of the trophies. We are honored that members of the VFW have participated in every Racing for Heroes race. What the Kansas Dirt Slingers as a club and visitors watching the race, contributed that day and each Racing for Heroes thereafter, should make all of you proud.

The 2016 Racing For Heroes race sponsored by Midwest Sports Productions will be Sept. 11th. All proceeds will be donated to the VFW Post 11499. This is our chance to give back to the men and women that fight for our freedom. We have trophies provided by MSP for the top 3 finishers in each class and one for the most Patriotic person at the race. We hope you all come out and have a FUN time with us.


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Aug 312016

What a day. We started with a track that we busted our butts on yesterday turn out to be not that great to start with. But after we got it rolled in it turned out great. Congratulations to all the winners. We had 65 entries today. I don’t know what happened today but our racing was great during the heats so I increased the number of cars in the mains to 9 or 10 and my gosh we all forgot how to drive. I really don’t understand how 1 or 2 more cars on the track can just change everything so much but it did today. I’ll take the blame for the mains idea but I sure can’t drive everyone’s cars. We hadn’t had a race like this all year so I think we were due. I’m sure in 2 weeks at the Heroes race it will be a lot better.

Our next race is The Racing For Heroes race on September 11th. We hope you all are looking forward to paying tribute to our veterans. Hope you all enjoy your holiday next weekend and we’ll see you on the 11th.

Results can be viewed here.

Updated driver points can be viewed here.

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