Jul 312017

What a week! The 2017 Kansas Dirt Oval Championship is complete and we hope everyone had a great time. We would like to thank everyone for coming and racing with us and we hope you all come back and join us again. We have made so many friends at the track and that’s what this is all about. Friendships and memories.

The week started off great with Fred and I getting the track prepped on Tuesday and looking good. Then our friends, the weather reporters, totally miss the mark calling for a 1/4″ of rain and we ended up with 5 1/2″ which wiped out the track completely. So guess what? We started all again Thursday night, we worked on it during practice on Friday and we think the track came in great on Saturday. We can’t thank Fred, John and Elmo for their hours of help prior to and on race day. To everyone that grabbed a blower, helped with the hose or anything else to help keep the track in shape thank you, thank you, thank you.

The race day started with our drivers meeting which saw us having some FUN with Bob Cross and help set the tone for a FUN day. Sorry Bob but we had to do it. Hope you had fun with it to. LOL. We announced our newest Hall Of Fame inductee, Felix Pacheco. Felix you are and always have been a crucial member of the club. Congratulations my friend, you deserved it.

The races were flying along until we hit a hick up with the mains setup. I want to apologize for the delay but I’m a man of my words and it didn’t set things up the way I said we were running and I had to make it right. We all owe Mike and Brittany Garrison, Matt Murphy and Clint Seitz a big thank you for helping get the issue straightened out. You all helped get my stress level back down. The mains saw awesome racing and was a great way to finish the day.

We would like to thank Nikki Lutz for taking pictures and making the shirts. Scott Lutz and Chris Flower for always helping do what ever needs done and keeping me calmed down. Clint Sietz for running the races, we both about had a meltdown but we kept each other calm and got through it. Dan Flick, thank you for running the video camera because I got it started and forgot about it. Pat, Fred and Donna in the Snack Shack, thanks for taking care of all of us throughout the day. To all the club members thank you for always being there to help promote our main rule. Let’s have FUN. The Kansas Dirt Slingers R/C Club should be proud of what we accomplished this weekend. All in all I would say the KDOC went well and we hope to see you all again.

Tim, Donna and The Crew

Race results can be found here.

Racing pics can be found here.

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