Jun 272017

What a Fun day at the track. We had 65 cars take to a tricky track that saw all different race conditions that made you get up on the wheel today. It was a day full of great weather until we got to the mains and the clouds started rolling in, but we got it in before the rain hit. A big thank you to everyone for keeping things moving along and helping get everything picked up. Congratulations to all of today’s winners.

A big thank you to Maclan for the gift certificates given away today. The winners of the Signs by Taco Wraps were Cody Pierce and Brandon Warbritton. Robert Sode was the winner of the Checkered Flag Shirt from Nikki Lutz. Remember Nikki can put anything on a shirt for you. Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us out. It is greatly appreciated.

As was discussed in the drivers meeting I made a mistake on the schedule and had us racing next weekend 7/2/17. We are rescheduling that race for 8/13/17. It was an oversight on my part and I hope you understand. So enjoy the holiday next weekend and we hope to see you on 7/16/17 when racing returns to Checkered Flag.
Tim, Donna and the Crew

Racing results and winner pics are here.

Updated driver points can be found here.

Racing action can be found here.

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Jun 122017

Well on a day that saw mother nature throw high temps and high winds at us all day, race number 3 is in the books. We had 60 cars hit the track today and we had some good racing. Congratulations to all the winners. We would like to thank everyone for helping out today, from the track work, calling the races and most of all making it a FUN day of racing. We will now take a break and catch our breath after 3 weeks of racing.

The next action for the track is open practice on 6/22/17 and racing returns on 6/25/17. Once again thanks for a great day and we look forward to seeing everyone at the track.

Racing results can be found here.

Updated driver points can be found here.

Racing action pics can be found here.

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Jun 052017

What a day. We were happy to host race 3 of the King Of Kansas City Series. We had a total of 97 cars that hit the track. There was some good racing and some bad but we hope everyone had a good time. The track was a little rough to begin the day but we kept working on it and it came around nicely. We would like to thank Gary, Rob and Mike for putting on the series and asking us to be part of it. I know there was some confusion with the mains but they worked at it and got it straightened out. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all that came out.
We will continue our club racing this Sunday 6/11/17. Until then everyone have a safe week and we hope to see you at the track.

Tim, Donna and the crew

Race results can be found here.

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