Oct 052015

What a great day at the track. The kids were Trick or Treating the pits and the racing on the track was a fun filled event. We had 68 entries today all vying for the coveted Tombstone trophies. The racing was great and most important at the end of the day everyone was smiling and talking about the surprises that were added to the Havoc 100. The Trailer race was a added bonus this year and it was entertaining for sure. We would like to thank Gary Offutt for doing some guest announcing. Gary will definitely bring a smile to everyone with his style of announcing. All in all it was just a great day. Donna and I would like to congratulate all the winners and our sponsors for the great door prizes. This will now close out our 2015 season. Thank you all for the continued support and we hope to see you all next season. The rules will be updated soon and the 2016 schedule will be made hopefully by the end of the year.

hALLOWEEN hAVOC results can be viewed here.

hAVOC 100 and TRAILER RACE results can be viewed here.

Tricks, Treats and Racing pics can be viewed here.

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