Sep 292015

On September 27th we closed out our 12th season here at Checkered Flag. The day was full of great racing, Fun and laughter. Thank you to all that helped out all season long. We definitely showed that we are not only a club but a team that will do what we have to do to make the track the best we can. Congratulations to all the days winners to all the winners.

We also crowned our Season Champions for 2015 with many of the points races coming down to the final A Mains and we congratulate all of them. Congratulations to Felix Pacheco, this years Jim Rupard Rising Star Award winner. Felix’s racing improved greatly this season and more importantly he brings his let’s have fun attitude to the track every race along with a good story or two.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and hope you support them whenever possible. Without them we wouldn’t have the facility and prizes to share with you racers

As we wrap this up we want to thank all of you that have supported the track and club over the years. We’re not going to name anyone because we know we’ll forget someone. So if you have helped out in any way or raced here we thank you.

This all started as a dream 12 years ago and we never thought it would grow like it has. Thank you all once again. It brings us great joy to see everyone having Fun. We encourage everyone to support all of the tracks in the area so we can keep our hobby strong. Just remember to have FUN. If everyone gets 1 new racer into our hobby, it will go on forever.

Once again we thank you for your support and we hope to see you at our Halloween Havoc Race on October 4th and next year for our 2016 season.

Racing results can be viewed here.
Final Drivers Points can be viewed here.
Racing pics can be viewed here.

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