Jun 162015

Racers gathered on another hot and humid day in anticipation of the running of the SDOC 2015. The track was prepped and looked fast….extremely fast as the clouds were slowly rolling in. In the back of everyone’s mind was the big question…..was Mother Nature going to be nice?

Qualifying was rolling along nicely and the mains began. Wait!!! What is this?
About a 3 minute hard rain brought out our “Air Titan” Leaf Blower to try and dry the track. To no avail Mother Nature begin laughing at us and the “monsoon” arrived.

For the first time in track history we had to award trophies to some classes on qualifying. I hated to do it but in my mind it was the only fair thing to do. There is no way I could make sure everyone could be back in 2 weeks.

A big thank you to everyone that came out and we hope you all had a good time. To Matt Gorman who has supported the track, club and this race by supplying the trophies for many years and actually saw no return from it we thank you. To Kimbrough, McAllister, Hobby Haven and Kicker for supplying door prizes we thank you.

Racing continues in 2 weeks and we hope to see you all at the track then.

Racing results and winner pics can be found here.

Racing pics can be found here.


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