Oct 142013

What a great day of racing. We want to thank all of you that made it to this years Halloween Havoc. A great time was had by everyone. The kids started the day off with the annual trick or treat parade and we ended the season with the Havoc 100 team race. This years format was a Figure 8 100 lapper and from all the laughter that was heard we think it was a hit. We want to congratulate all the winners and thank you all for your support of the track and club this season. We look forward to seeing you all at the different indoor tracks over the winter and look forward to seeing you next spring when we get things started on our 11th season.

You can view the results of the 2013 Halloween Havoc and Havoc 100 here.

Trick or Treat Parade Pics

Heats and Mains Pics

Havoc 100 Pics

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