Jun 232013

Man it was good to get back to racing. With Mother Nature trying her best to knock us out again we came back swinging and got the race day in. We want to thank everyone for coming out today and helping keep the program moving along. We had a total of 94 cars and trucks hit the track today with great racing in all the classes. I want to apologize for the track slicking off in the mains but the skies were suppose to open up again and we wanted to make sure the whole race day got completed. I sure wish the track would have been like it was in the heats, I’m sure we would have seen the highest lap totals ever in all the classes. Our next race will be July 7th. During the break we will be adding some more dirt to the track in hopes of only making it better. Once again thank you all for your support.
You can view the results here.
You can view the driver points here.
You can view the action here.

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