Sep 252012

On behalf of Skip, Donna and myself THANK YOU. With the help of you the racers, retired racers and your families we were able to make a big donation to the Rupard family to handle Jim’s affairs. Once again we showed how much of a family the R/C community is. I know Jim was looking down watching the races and enjoying every minute of it.

Jim Rupard’s Family

We had 82 cars take to the track for a Fun day of races. Congrats to all the winners. We also want to congratulate our Season Champions and all the racers for making this another great season at CFR.

A new award was started this year, The Jim Rupard Rising Star Award. This award will be given out every year to the racer, no matter what age, who has a positive attitude and continues to improve. The winner of this years award was Billy Lutz.

Our racing will continue on October 14th with Donna’s 3rd Annual Halloween Havoc. Details will be coming out shortly for the event.

Once again thank you all!!! Sept. 23 racing results can be found here. Season Champions can be seen here.

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