Jun 052012

What a great day of racing at Checkered Flag Raceway. A new record car count for a club race, 108 cars was set and the racing was fast and furious all day long. I think the truckload of topsoil was a great addition. Congrats to all the winners and congrats to Jim Hubbard the winner of our Boca Bearing drawing and Mark Dempsey was the winner of our 50/50 drawing.

To date we have 61 club members. Again we can’t thank you all for your support and help. We had visitors from Iowa and Oklahoma join us for the days activities and it was great to see them. Mother nature tried to throw us a curve but the Kansas Dirt Slingers won out in the end.

June 10th marks the date of the next race. Don’t forget and let’s get together and do it all over again. Open practice June 7th with the track opening at 5pm.

Racing results can be found here.  Updated driver points are here.

[youtube_video id=”ZC_XBzRlTBk”]

[youtube_video id=”DWc7eezApHE”]

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